Customer Industry: Banking & Insurance

Project: Sales Coaching and Mentoring Process


Develop the skills by the HR, platform supervisor, and mechanical supervisor teams to enhance and develop the coaching skills through field training.

Consolidate the HRBP figure.

Another priority is to ensure management quality, where the priority is middle management.


The coaching process was established in several parts:

  1. Training in HRBP mentoring so they could do the rigorous reinforcement that would ensure the achievement of objectives for Overlap’s team.
  2. Training with skills that are linked to KPIs +  coaching sessions for platform supervisors (n+2) and mechanical supervisors (n+1).


Increased knowledge in coaching techniques and make known the associated skills.

  • Maximizing the use of monitoring and coaching sessions of the company’s teams.
  • Facilitating the work to HRBP, platform supervisors, and mechanical supervisors through a series of techniques that help them in training and monitoring of their teams and employees to improve performance.
  • KPIs linked to the project and where they have impacted:
    • HRBP Performance: Results improvement (The % means an improvement in sales or service indicators before and after the HRBP intervention. Measurement is done monthly.
    • Customer satisfaction: rated by the internal customer.