Customer Industry: Energy & Industrial

Project: The Training Team’s Evolution


This is a customer with an international presence and a traditional training management model, i.e. unadjusted to changing times:

  • Dominance of face to face training (they were just developing their online training)
  • Reactive training “at the request of the internal customer” without criteria or structure
  • Absence of a classification and knowledge management system

Some consequences of the management model were:

  • Frustration amongst the team =  a constant feeling of chaos and “fighting fires”
  • Little interaction between the businesses = there was a relationship with the Training Department only when courses are needed to be requested
  • A precarious control of the budget, that led to a poor and unstable training.


Overlap proposes that the solution goes through a training evolution, by choosing the Sales Academy solution as a framework/environment to help them create change.


There are results in different areas:

STRUCTURE: Establishing processes that allow a needs identification and the creation of training learning paths in levels that sustain the “training life cycle”: induction -> professional -> advanced

TECHNOLOGY: Online learning enables face-to-face sessions to focus on the training and its practical application.

TANGIBLE RESULTS: Adding a measurement system based on Kirkpatrick (levels 1,2 and 3: satisfaction, knowledge, and on the job transfer).

PRESTIGE: Improving the Training Department’s image and professionalism.