Customer Industry: Banking & Insurance

Project: Boost to Sales Performance


The customer identified the need to boost the sales performance of its Heritage Advisory Premium team.

The specific objective was to achieve a greater up-sell and cross-sell in the portfolio, in addition to strengthening the team’s interpersonal skills  that points to a brand differentiation strategy through a truly personalized advisory model in their Premium segment.

Therefore, the client approached Overlap with the aim of identifying and developing the necessary actions that would help them drive results in a faster and more accurate way.


  • The project began with observing a number of Heritage Advisers in their sales management role, by having interviews with the team’s supervisors in order to establish a starting point and identify the most relevant development needs. The result of this observation was the identification of 6 Key Performance Situations, pointing directly to the boost of the expected business results.
  • Once agreed to such Key Performance Situations, we proceeded to formalize them in detail and then to identify the skills involved around them. With this base, the next step was the creation of an exclusive learning path for this group in which they work on each one of the 6 Key Performance Situations, agreeing to a common routine before, during and after each of them.
  • Additionally, mock meetings were designed with a potential customer that  all advisers should complete individually and where they should give the best of their consultative selling skills. Following completion of the simulation, each adviser received feedback and agreements were established for individual improvement plans.
  • Also specific support tools were developed for the Supervisor tasks (team field accompaniments with the team and assessments). This was combined with strengthening the supervisors’ enablement in the specific activities of team management.
  • Finally, the program generated individual reports for each adviser that allowed them to identify the particular skills of each resource and comparing it with the team.


The client closed the year with results that exceeded business objectives. In addition, supervisors identified significant progress in their teams, highlighting greater ease and understanding of the activities of prioritization and portfolio retention. This program is trying to extend to other financial advisory segments of the company.