Customer Industry: Information Technologies

Project: Improving the Customer Experience


The company needs to identify the key factors that must be developed to manage the potential and current customer experience. This is approached by knowing the customer’s needs and expectations throughout their relationship with the company. It is necessary to use the different means and channels through which they can access, all the while being aware that customer experience is a differentiating element.


Define aspirational multi-channel model, based on the company’s business strategy:

  • Identify gaps in the current situation.
  • Conduct a benchmark for incorporating the trends that help evolve the strategy.

To do this, an analysis of the current multi-channel model is done, taking into consideration the segments, profiles and customer interaction channels, and current and required capabilities by generating a proposal on what should be the multi-channel model.

A Road Map is created for development and implementation with proposals prioritized by cost/benefit criteria.


In respect to the budget target segment analysis, it has allowed the prioritization of investments to occur in the next 2-3 years for strategic actions, and it has also developed quick wins in the short and medium term that were identified for each of the channels that interact with the customer.