Customer Industry: Automotive

Project: Brand Creation through a Collaborative Community


The Training and Development Department needed to create a new concept that could promote itself and create a positive brand image, away from the previously used platform onto a web in which online training courses are made about the brand. In this way it could be related to the department and in turn encompass everything that the brand wants to convey to its customers.


A community was created as a support and performance improvement tool, which allowed the measurement of network results with the ease of distance-learning access and full flexibility. In addition, this platform was to reduce time and costs for the T&D Department, as it works as a perfect showcase for their “clients” to know everything that is done within the brand.


Today, this platform is a resounding success, both within and outside the brand. For Overlap, it is a clear example of what a community should be and how to handle platform users. Currently the community is growing exponentially and in the coming months it will receive a new look, with new tools and mechanisms that can be compared to other communities that are made by Overlap.