Customer Industry: Healthcare

Project: Sales Leadership


Developing the Area Manager role in their key functions of sales team management using sales leadership skills

  • They didn’t have a sales management team that was aligned, committed, and motivated at a leadership level to achieve results from influencing their teams.
  • The sales team was not motivated, but they were meeting objectives for the sole benefit of continuing to work in the organization.
  • It was not known in detail what the skills of each salesperson were, just their quantitative results.
  • The sales team was not being developed due to the lack of knowledge of how to do it.


The proposed solution was a Sales Leadership program: the Sales Team Leadership program’s goal is that each participant identifies the qualities that make them unique from the rest as leaders and that allow them to exercise a powerful influence on their salespeople.

The objective had been to develop the skills to motivate, guide, persuade, and strengthen sales talent:

  • The key leadership style developed
  • Feedback skills
  • Provide feedback
  • Employee motivation in the company
  • Employee motivation in the company: motivation plan and possible actions
  • Assertiveness
  • Attitude management of the manager: Attitude ladder
  • Influential leadership


  • Developed competencies: leadership, teamwork, results-oriented mindset, and a development of the sales profile
  • Improved sales leadership skills with his team on necessary to achieve sustainable results over time and not just in the short term skills.
  • A more motivated sales team with the feeling that their managers understand them better and they have put themselves “in their shoes”.
  • Increase in the sales team’s motivation.