Why do Disney princesses don’t have mother?




Today I read something very interesting that made me reflect and I am sure it will make you reflect too.

I will share this piece of reading with you: Mr Hahn, producer of Walt Disney Studios, during an interview for the American magazine “Glamour” he revealed the reason why Disney princesses don’t have mother… The main characters of The little mermaid or Beauty and the Beast appear in several scenes with their respective father, meanwhile  Snow White or Cinderella they appear with their step-mothers. It seems like the reason for this is that Disney movies are about growth. About that day in which you assume a responsibility. This is why several characters in this movies experience a growth when something happens to their parents. Bambi’s mother is murdered therefore he has to grow up; Snow White and Cinderella have stepmoms; Bella only had a father that when he left, she had to occupy his space.

Well, this proves that the growth of the humans is accelerated when he let the people do things on their own, sometimes they will try and fail and sometimes they will try and succeed.

A lot of leaders think they help their partners doing their jobs or helping them while doing their jobs.

Nowadays, the corporative world is not easy, the projects are global and digital, with multiple virtual and multitask teams, working beyond boundaries which could be dangerous and painful.

Today companies expect independence, capacity to feel good out of your comfort zone, arrange projects and people with several languages all over the world and be fast and decisive in decision making.

Nowadays is fundamental that managers, no matter the level, spend time in training, training and training to be able to delegate responsibilities to speed up the personal growth of your employees and the team.


Growth should be the top goal that any leader should have in their team. That means

  1. Teach how to think
  2. Provide constant guidelines
  3. Prove that there are many ways of doing things
  4. Give perspective
  5. Make clear that the way in which we work is not the only way. There should be no limit zones or barriers for your workers to create or imagine.

To conclude, we should foster the people who look the best version of themselves, being clear that we will always give them the support and attention they need.

Let’s do our job properly and do not let our subordinates suffer the Disney syndrome.

Cristina González
Country Manager Overlap Brasil

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