Video Summary of the “Neurosales” Conference

In the past few days on February 3 and 4, the Neurosales Conference “Neurosales: How to Activate the Customer’s On/Off Button” was held in Madrid and Barcelona, respectively, taught by Overlap experts Marcos Abollado and Agustín Marqués.

You can see a short video summary on Overlap’s social network channels below:

After the success of the Neurosales conferences in Madrid and Barcelona, we bring this new trend to Lima (Peru), Bogota (Colombia) and Mexico City (Mexico) on February 22, 23 and 25, respectively. You can register now for the events using the form found on this following link:

Neurosales is the combination of science and sales. It’s about how we make decisions, both us as a company and our customers. In Overlap, we have developed a scientifically proven method applied to real success stories of improved business objectives. The neuro-sale is built upon the traditional sale, it is not an “extra” or add-on. It is based on the idea that the customer mostly remembers how we made them feel, so the first step in having them buy from us is to work on trust, to continue moving up the sales ladder.

Ten Neurosales Tips:
10. If you are one more, you will be one less
9. The brain caters to YOU
8. If you are good, the product is good
7. Customize!
6. Your words create reality and are full of energy: to you, me, and the customer
5. Sell without selling
4. Simple, visual and tangible
3. If people like you, your magic will be liked as well
2. Exchange on three levels: justice, intelligence, and emotion
1. Your passion is contagious and makes you smarter



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