Our Public’s Opinions on Neurosales

We have completed our Neurosales conferences in Peru, Colombia and Mexico. Every day we have gone ahead telling you our customer’s feedback and the results have been very positive. Neurosales applies scientific conclusions in Sales. 

Today we want to share the real stories of people that have experienced this presentation and what were the most interesting aspects of the conference for the audience.

“Spreading passion”

“It’s the idea to sell without selling, and make connections with the subconscious”

“It’s not about selling more, it’s about selling better”

“The sales focus and relationship in the areas. Different dynamic activities in the session!”

 “It touches on the most primitive and common part of people. Identifies the value in the relationship between the emotions, passion, and reason in achieving organizational goals. The presentation was a simple, personal, and high potential common thread to drive openness.”

“Liked the tips at the end, the levels of exchange, focusing me on the buy and not on the sale, and no one likes to be sold to, but they do like to buy.”

“Focus with scientific base”

 “Relationship with the emotional and rational parts of the brain! Neurosales tips were great.”


Many people have told us how important it was for them to have a summary of our presentation, so here is a summary video to remind you of the Neurosales presentation’s main points! https://youtu.be/Jb10Evt1sU4

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