NEUROSALES: How to Activate the Customer’s On/Off Button

“95% of our decisions are subconscious” Source: Harvard, Yale.

Understanding the mechanisms of the brain in customers’ buying decisions, exploring the so-called emotional buying map, outlining the appropriate behavioral styles (“are you the best version of you in the sale?”), learning to detect – and save – the seller’s 4 mind traps or polish their persuasion skills. These are just some of the keys in NEUROSALES, the workshop where Overlap experts have managed to translate the findings in Neuroscience into practical, applicable tips in Sales Management and in Sales and Leadership development.

NEUROSALES, designed by professionals with experience in sales team management, certified in Executive Coaching, and experts in Neuroscience applied to the communication in sales, will be presented the 3 and 4 of February in Madrid and Barcelona, respectively. The workshop, open to the media, will be led by Overlap consultants Agustín Marqués and Marcos Abollado, recognized as two of the leading experts in the field in Spain.

Based on the analysis of cutting-edge research in the field of Neuroscience, the Overlap Group has developed its own methodologies, incorporating original practices applicable to Sales Management, as well as Team Leadership.

The workshop analyzes how emotions undermine freedom in the customer’s purchase decision, demonstrating how knowledge of neuroscientific techniques allow sales teams to appeal to intrinsic brain structures (sensory, motivational and emotional areas). “Knowing the preferred brain area helps to communicate and persuade more effectively”, declares expert Marcos Abollado.

In addition, among other things, NEUROSALES dives into achievement motivation, team confidence, and attitude towards the product/service as key elements of the sales process to improve sales results.

Given that places are very limited, it is recommended to apply for a place as soon as possible to be able to attend by calling +34 91 721 02 21, or by using the following online form:

Times and place for Neurosales presentations: 

  • MADRID: 3 February. 9:00-11:00am. Avenida del Partenón 10, 2nd Floor, 28042, Madrid.
  • BARCELONA: 4 February. 9:00-11:00am. Alta Diagonal Building, Diagonal 640, PB Floor, 08017 Barcelona

More information at: 


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