Neurosales Conference in Peru

We measure customer satisfaction in our Neurosales Conference held in Lima, Peru. It has been a resounding success! 

On February 22, the Neurosales Conference took place in Lima, Peru. Marcos Abollado was honored to lead the event where over 100 people were expected to attend and where it left no one feeling indifferent.

When we talk about Neurosales, we don’t refer to a simple product applicable to an organization’s sales team, but to an experience that every time more and more people consider important in various areas, from a professional to personal level.

Overlap collaborates with a satisfaction measuring tool called Qualmi. We have had the privilege to see all results of the completed surveys and we can verify that the satisfaction is nearly 100%.

Here you can see a summarized version of what were the most interesting topics for the Peruvian audience.

1. The 10 final points that summarize the presentation:

10. If you are one more, you will be one less

9. The brain caters to YOU

8. If you are good, the product is good

7. Customize

6. Your words create reality and are full of energy: to you, me, and the customer

5. Sell without selling

4. Simple, visual and tangible

3. If people like you, your magic will be liked as well

2. Exchange on three levels: justice, intelligence, and emotion

1. Your passion is contagious and makes you smarter

2. Emotions and reason in the purchase: “95% of our decisions are created in the meta-conscious”

3. The 3 levels of exchange: think of your own job. If you only work and in return they give you a paycheck, we are talking about a first level of exchange (i.e. win-win). If they also share information on results with you and ask for your opinion on certain decisions, then you feel that they are counting on you. Finally, if they share the company’s vision with you and establish emotional ties, we arrive to the level of “I am the Company”. Something similar occurs in the relationship we have with customers, where the job consists of what level of exchange you are going to have with each customer and how to ascend up these levels.

4. The three areas of the brain:

Reptilian: The reptilian area regulates the involuntary physiological functions of our body and is responsible for the most primitive part of reflexive answers. It doesn’t think or feel emotions.

 Limbic: The limbic system is related to memory, attention, sexual instincts, emotions (e.g. pleasure, fear, aggression), personality, and behavior.

Neocortex: The neocortex is responsible for human reasoning and the anticipation of results. Its function is to recreate possible future states of reality, to choose the most suitable option without risks.

On February 24th we will be in Bogota, Colombia, and on the 25th in Mexico City. What will our audience prefer in these cities? We will show you all the information on our blog and social networks.

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