How Did We Experience the 2016 ATD Conference?

Let’s share with you our impression about the International Conference on Development and Talent Management.

As many of you know, this year we have created a specific webpage for the 2016 ATD Conference.

Our R&D team, reporting from Denver, Colorado, informed us day by day of the developments that arose throughout the event with photos, videos, and posts exhibiting the latest trends in the industry.

In addition, they were responsible for gathering information that many people asked on our own wall feed and other social media channels we opened with this purpose. At the moment, we are getting round to all the requests from each person who sent in comments previously.

The 2016 ATD Conference has been a great experience for our team, and thanks to them, we have been able to experience the Conference first hand and be closer to all the developments that have been introduced this year in the largest human capital conference in the world.

In addition, we want to share a video created by Lorena Rienzi, Overlap’s R&D Team member and one of the people who traveled to Denver to attend the ATD Conference, telling us how she experienced this great event.


Resumen ATD 2016 por Lorena Rienzi from Overlap Internacional on Vimeo.

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