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Integrating the “millennials” in the organization

{loadposition inside} Integrating the “millennials” in the organization In most of the organizations, work processes, training plans, performance models, respond to patterns designed by generations that have nothing to do with the “millenials” mental structure. How can we facilitate the coexistence of all this generational diversity in the company? Companies that integrate this new generation […]

“Inspirational leadership”

{loadposition inside} “Inspirational leadership” Involves the leader´s ability to chase a dream and to achieve that the collaborators embark on the same path whilst doing their share, go beyond the mere achievement of business objectives, so that the teams no longer follows the guidelines of a person but rather pursue a vision along with their […]

Rise in Electricity Fees: 6% increase


The Spanish electricity companies have had some good news: Since yesterday they are somehow more at ease. The National Securities Commission has already registered the prospectus for the rate deficit placement, which will help them alleviate a situation that goes way back. What about users? Obviously, this opinion is not so positive.

Training of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives: Key to the Business Strategy (II)

Second part of “Training of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives: Key to the Business Strategy”

The new capabilities that the Pharmaceutical Sales Representative has to put into practice, in addition to those that he had been implementing in the relation with the physician, which are not undermined, because dealing with this customer is not so easy, are information analysis…

The role of the Internal Consultant

{loadposition inside} The role of the Internal Consultant The internal consultant arises as a response to the need for change in the internal customer, anticipating to the business areas requests. It represents a strategic support; it diagnoses, and offers expert advice from an insider’s company view. His challenge: Build credibility with the internal customer. The […]