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{loadposition inside} “U-Learning” “Ulearning”, ubiquitous learning: here, now, always. Presently, people want and can learn anywhere and when they need it, formally or informally, adapting the learning to their cognitive style, age and digital literacy degree. The impact of constant information stimuli is what makes the learning process continuous and immersive. Interacting with our environment, […]


{loadposition inside} Gamification It involves the application of educational game mechanics in context and outside games environments with the aim of resolving situations, achieving a greater commitment or inducing certain behaviors, following a series of guidelines to achieve business success. Based on the creation of compelling and motivational user experiences in order to get involved […]

Evidence and Data Analysis

{loadposition inside} “Evidence and Data Analysis” Represents the strategies for information analysis that enhance the ability to identify and discriminate relevant data in an environment like this, where the information overload hinders decision-making and organizational learning. It is supported by management tools that allow planning, directing, organizing and sharing information in a continuous process of […]

New communication forms with the clients

{loadposition inside} New communication forms with the clients The forms of communication between the company and its customers are changing, by defining a new trend that will have impact in the traditional form of client-company relationship. Replace the traditional presentations by talks, encourage the interaction and collaboration between the parties involved. Increasingly, our environment offers […]

Generation and exploitation of “leads”

{loadposition inside} Generation and exploitation of “leads” A “lead” is a business opportunity based on the identification of some contact details of those who have an interest in a product or service from the company they have contacted. The generation and exploitation of leads differs from the simple exploitation of a database. Now more than […]

Diversity: the challenge for organizations in a global world

{loadposition inside} Diversity: the challenge for organizations in a global world The decline in employment opportunities and the worsening of living and working conditions favours the migration from one country to another in search for better opportunities. According to the International Labour Organization, in 2010 there were 100 million migrant workers around the world and […]