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Why do Disney princesses don’t have mother?

Today I read something very interesting that made me reflect and I am sure it will make you reflect too.
I will share this piece of reading with you: Mr Hahn, producer of Walt Disney Studios, during an interview for the American magazine “Glamour” he revealed the reason why Disney princesses don’t have mother…

T is for Talent!

Last week the annual ASTD Conference (American Society for Training and Development) was held in Washington DC, USA. Every year this conference brings together training and development professionals from not only major American companies, but from the whole world, as well as the leading suppliers in the industry.

Overlap Peru opens new offices

Overlap Peru continues growing and we change office! The new office in Lima is located in the tallest building in the city, Torre Begonias, specifically in its 16th floor, located in the district of San Isidro. It is considered the financial and business center of the city.

The training department’s marketing plan

Today, it is increasingly common for Human Resource Departments to be faced with new and challenging situations and decisions that must be made.Among these is the important question regarding the balance between additional, value-adding, training and non-essential training, as well as the value that is added to the business.

How to create a value proposition in the sale

How can I generate a value proposition? Is there any way to achieve high expectations from the first minute I begin my presentation? From the first paragraph of the written document? The response is a resounding YES! And it’s not that complicated. We just have to pay close attention to all of the information around us and, above all, learn to work it and organize it properly.

The employee´s life cycle. A tool for the employer

Do you know what is the most important influence of a new manager who is perched at a command post for the first time? No, not the courses we give, or management skills that the company claims to have, or even what you look for internet wisely. It is much closer: includes influences and personalities of those bosses that he has had.