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Start/Stop Function in Automatic Transmission

Start/stop systems are already available for different types of cars with automatic transmission. Since they started to be mass produced in late 2007, 1.5 million vehicles have already been equipped with Bosch’s start/stop technique, which reduces CO2 emissions by up to 8% and fuel consumption in urban traffic

Study on Web sites of used cars (II)

Continues from the Study on Web sites of used cars (I)

Users had to perform two main tasks: a free search for a car with a predefined make and characteristics from a blank page and a search and query of details of a particular car model in each one of the selected Web sites. The three Websites that did better in the usability and user experience study were Coches.net, Autoscout24.es and Autocity.com.

Bank Mergers: Risks and Challenges of Integration (II)

The implementation of an organization convergence model will respond to these challenges and facilitate the cultural and business integration, allowing for the implementation of the new entity in the shortest time possible. Areas such as media, organization or business, have an important role in creating this model; however, it is the Human Resources and Training and Development area which will assume a key role, as they should align the entire organization and lead it through a complex process.

Leaders as Teachers

Recently, a service company, when planning its strategy for the next three years, had a catharsis within the Executive Committee: “its leaders do not communicate effectively the strategy, the way of working or the new products to their teams”. This Executive Committee, which meets twice a year because of its international nature, drew as a […]

Bank Mergers: Risks and Challenges of Integration (I)

Ya lo dijo el Banco de España estamos abocados a las fusiones. Ya nos refiramos a ellas como “operaciones de ajuste”, “racionalización de estructuras”, o incluso, lo último, como “fusiones virtuales”, la integración parece el paso inevitable para alcanzar los niveles de rentabilidad que permitan afrontar el fuerte ajuste económico y corregir la atomización del sistema financiero español.

Values and Cooperation

Siempre ha sido complicada la transmisión de valores en una compañía, se han utilizado diversos mecanismos y metodologías, desde outdoor training hasta visual management pasando por talleres de concienciación.