key account manager

Four questions you should ask yourself before you design a Key Account Management System for your business


In an increasingly competitive business environment, customers are becoming more demanding when selecting suppliers. Based on this there have been new models of customer relationship such as Key Account Management.

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The Neuroscience of Sales: How to Increase Positive Feelings in the Sales Process


In recent years it has been fashionable to speak about neuromarketing, a discipline that uses this kind of knowledge for improving the impact that brands have on consumers and shaping their buying habits. Brands like BMW, Volkswagen and Toyota design their vehicles considering the emotional impact that will be generated by their customers. 

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Key Advice for a Sales Network’s Balanced Scorecard


Today, virtually every company relies on different reports and/or balanced scorecards - some more sophisticated than others - to analyze business results, track progress and make decisions,but do we have the right scorecard for our organization?