oferta valor venta 1

How to create a value proposition in the sale


How can I generate a value proposition? Is there any way to achieve high expectations from the first minute I begin my presentation? From the first paragraph of the written document? The response is a resounding YES! And it's not that complicated. We just have to pay close attention to all of the information around us and, above all, learn to work it and organize it properly.

transculturalidad en venta

Transculturality on Sale: Get the "No"


For years, Harvard professors William Ury and Roger Fisher published a bestseller on negotiation, Get the Yes*, a work book was probably the most successful trading history and the main reference for training in negotiation recent decades.

ciclo vida empleado

The employee´s life cycle. A tool for the employer


Do you know what is the most important influence of a new manager who is perched at a command post for the first time? No, not the courses we give, or management skills that the company claims to have, or even what you look for internet wisely. It is much closer: includes influences and personalities of those bosses that he has had.

ventajas serSocial

The advantages of being social: participation driven (by others) motivated participation (for oneself)


Develop personal brand of employees in companies, to create unconscious routines to share knowledge and experiences. The challenge: how to convey the importance of creating it and feed it to generate personal and professional benefits.


Personal Growth

{loadposition inside} Personal Growth The ability to make our…