satisfaccion del cliente

Customer satisfaction vs profitability


In many brands we always find these two objectives that are pursued and that at first glance seem to be conflicting. How we can increase customer satisfaction and profitability at the same time?

modelo relacion con clientes

The model of relationship with customers


We all know that the market is constantly evolving and why businesses need to adapt to new situations. In this context, I have seen an evolution in the model of relationship with clients and it deserves a reflection, since it can be a critical point to strengthen bonding to.

lideres inspiradores ElNuevoLiderII

The New Leader (II): Attributes, qualities, and self-assessment of "inspirational leadership"


What attributes should the inspirational leader be? How affects the figure of the inspirational leader to the company? How can I give me know if I'm an inspiring leader? Discover more in the following article on "inspirational leadership" by Antonio Rubio, director of I+D+i of Overlap

Retail Territory Management

"Area manager" to the Retail Territory Manager, or is it the same?


Meet orders, resolve logistical issues, review and renegotiating terms of billing, resolve claims by defaults, distribute material POS campaigns, etc was the axis of the daily work. Occasionally you rotabas to avoid affinity with your customers asking that left an area that explain you how were customers who left and you asumías. Juan Ruiz del Portal says its "area manager" step to Retail Territory Manager.

Acoso y derribo al no cliente

Harassment and demolition Not Customer


In times in which supply exceeds demand many paradigms of classical management are called into question. In recent years have gone from lead / work in companies that the main problem was to manage the "fires" caused by organizational growth and business to address / work in companies where the market and the demand is reduced every year.

transmedia storytelling

Looking for Cinderella 2.0


Do take advantage of the potential of the art of collecting and telling stories? Marches today rely more than ever on storytelling to actual or potential customers.



{loadposition inside} Gamification It involves the application…

The new leader (I): definition, differences, "inspirational leadership" cycle


One of the new trends of learning and development that I believe will be more boom in the next 3 years and affects directly the role of the new organizational leaders, has to do with the ability to persuade a dream and achieve that partners embark on it doing his... is the landmark "inspirational leadership" differential.