Overlap attends the 2013 ASTD Workplace Learning & Performance Conference


ASTD 3ASTD's annual training and development conference took place last week from May 19-May 22 in Dallas, Texas. The Overlap team used this opportunity to network with potential clients, gain a better understanding of the US market and begin to integrate Overlap into the US market. In addition, we were able to identify industry trends that correspond with Overlap's 2013 Trend Report.


The Diversity: the challenge for organizations in a global world

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Excellent Performance: ensuring the pillars of business


Consumer initiatives that are shifting the focus of collaboration between Distributor and Manufacturer have an immediate implication for commercial equipment: Excellent Execution Point of Sale.

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Involved in the strategy to the Sales Network


Promote the Achievement of the Goals of our customers by implementing their business strategies through solutions that improve the performance and talent of its teams, and everything in the fastest time possible is the reason for OVERLAP. We are not therefore a strategy consultant, but the implant, and we specialize in organization and processes, but we created many to support this implementation. We use the full extent learning to make things happen.