Multi-Channel Networks and Challenge Creating the Customer Experience.


To date, the term multi-channel in business is understood as being a combination of various sales networks. These different networks include online, point of sale (POS), telephone, and catalog purchases, among others. Multi-channel sales networks offer a range of possibilities to achieve the same goal using differentiated strategies and an assortment of pricing and promotions plans.  


KPI'S – The Business of Lying


When a project is proposed de Sales Academy measurement theme makes its appearance immediately ... Some claim that "Managing financial indicators is suicide" What do you think? ... What is essential to measure at the beginning? and When should we measure it? "


NADA 2013, a demonstration on how to do things right.


Once again, Overlap attended and participated in an essential event within the International Automotive Industry. This gave the company the chance to socialize with dealers (mainly American), exhibitors and different companies, who presented new innovations to attendees without holding back any details.


Car sales and closing the deal


Undoubtedly, the economic situation faced by the country, along with the confidence crisis and socio-political concerns all institutions endure whilstturning into a growing weariness among citizens, makes such a sensitive sector as the automotive seem especially pervious.


The Customer Service: the largest value of the companies, along with their employees


The greatest value of companies is located, or should be found, to its employees and collaborators, in their talent and professionalism. Are the engine and the gear of the organization and, in many cases, the ambassadors of the brand to the consumer. A continuous learning allows them enrich themselves, recycled, keep the mind awake and steady improvement in professional life and personal.


EMC, the new way to understand business relationships


Every day we engage deeper into the customers´ "experience". This experience is addressed before, during and after performing the purchase. Is this new? This has not always been the case; the difference today is that our client has evolved. It is more autonomous and stands by his own opinion and by what he reads, hear, and share. And the retailer must develop and provide an offer coherent with a number of factors which would make your service uniquely different. Each case is different, you have to analyze and create a distinctive offer and often ascertain.


Measuring Impact of Training: Quest for ROI


Quantify the impact and profitability of a training plan has always been a goal to which many companies aspire. The value provided strategic management of human capital is vital to the organization Can you imagine for a moment finally meet the efficiency, effectiveness, benefits and ROI of a training program and / or Annual Plan training? One thing is clear: "What we is not measured does not exist"


How to lead persons not agree with the values ​​of the company


The companies are like our home. When we marry and form a family trying to live with values ​​and principles that ensure the harmony and balance of the family. When these values ​​or principles are lost or worn, the family suffers and destructures.


NADA, the event of the year Automobile Industry

It starts in Orlando (Florida) NADA Convention & Expo, the…

How to harness the impact of social networks on knowledge management in financial institutions


We all know the great variety of social networks that currently exist (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing, Second Life, etc.) which are spaces where you congregate a large number of people willing to share, consume and create knowledge. They have transcended from its initial use as personal communication tools, to become a global phenomenon in business with multiple applications.