The storm of Chaos and of the Opportunity


In 2012 the department Automotive Overlap launches Trends report. The automotive sector has been mired in a storm of chaos globally and being especially sensitive to the crisis, has been forced to a profound transformation. Under this premise, to analyze where the sector is transformed and on consideration of 35 trends are in this Trends Report Overlap Automotive 7 that we consider key to the sector.


Overlap, speaker at Electric Power Training Summit in Shenzhen (China)


The managing partner of Overlap, Juan Ruiz del Portal, gave a presentation at the Electric Power Training Summit in Shenzhen (China). An event in which have taken part more than a hundred professional in training and development of the electricity sector of the Asian giant, large companies such as China Mobile, China State Grid (China State Grid), GE China, etc...


What do you think Obama is doing in the picture?

Check out this pic...



Visual maps: A guarantee of commitment and alignment of the team with the company's strategy


Undoubtedly a committed staff provides better results for the organization. The commitment pushes us to deliver beyond what is expected of us. Getting employees engaged is therefore one of the major challenges that companies face in the current war for talent retention.


Overshots, new "shots" to increase productivity and the acquisition of new skills in businesses


Captura_OvershotsOvershots are audiovisual pills, consistent with the principles of lean and uLearning, made to respond to the challenges that the companies face nowadays. The 5% of sales will go to NGOs.