Efficient implementation of business strategies in Consumer and Retail

Executives of manufacturing and distribution have recently attended a conference in which Javier Santolaya, Area Manager Consumer & Retail in Overlap, has addressed the efficient implementation strategy of a business model in the areas of Consumer and Retail.



Claire Coutin: "It is neccesary to extend the processes of Open Innovation"

puntos_claveClaire Coutin, innovation expert, Doctor in agricultural economics and currently Head of Communications and External Relations, I+D+i area in Campofrio Spain, gives his views on innovation processes in learning and knowledge management in the spanish market.



Power to the people (II) or the power of Open Source


Recently sparked a major controversy in Spain due to the high budget (nearly half a million euros) invested in developing the new Web of the Senate, given the current climate of cuts and crisis severely affecting many sectors of our economy. And now we read in press that in just one week and with no cost, an engineer under the pseudonym Tijuinem created a functional clone of the new Senate Web.


Breakfast with trends: uLearning in Colombia and Peru

eLearning, sLearning, mLearning, 2.0, bLearning, interactive TV... In recent years and months have seen happen acronyms and concepts attempting to specify how users learned through technologies, methodologies and channels available at all times. With over 30 years of experience in training and development of people, iN Overlap we set an ambitious yet simple challenge: Why insist in specify concepts when user everything is transparent? Why not focus on getting attractive and practical experience for people?



Seven learning trends (First Horse-Riding Symposium)



"Trends in learning" was the title of the lecture that the Managing Partner of R+D+i of Overlap, Antonio Rubio, has offered the first Symposium for technicals in the Spanish School of Horse Riding Somosaguas last week.


Mercé Martin: "In the current situation does not work what we have learned, so we have to explore new ways of learning"


Mercé Martin, learning manager at Danone, joins our project #innovation giving us his views on the state of innovation in learning and knowledge in Spain.


Objective: To improve the analytical capacity of sales networks


The early stages of a sales process, prospecting and customer segmentation, and activity planning are, according to the findings of a recent debate in the Sales Academies Linkedin group, those where it is more important to make an effort to improve the analytical capacity of sales networks.


Training as a key for motivation

mMotivation impacts on the results.
Training impacts on motivation.
Therefore training impacts on the results.