Leading in uncertain times, our vision of Aecoc 2012

The last week was celebrated Aecoc annual congress, which meets every year to the Spanish sector of the consumer. This year we have collected over 1,000 entrepreneurs and senior executives of major companies in the manufacture and distribution. The issue that has been addressed has been to lead in times of uncertainty and innovation has been highlighted as one of the levers that will help the leadership in this sector.



Antonio Rubio, R+D+i director in Overlap: "The delay in innovation can´t be corrected in the short term, it´s a policy that must be continued"

In this interview with Antonio Rubio, R + D + i in Overlap, we begin a series in which we will map out the situation in Spain and Latin America Innovation in Learning and Knowledge Management. We will study how we stand, what is the short-term future and in which sectors earn more with the right policies. This series of mini interviews goes with the project in our Twitter #innovatespanish, where we collect innovative initiatives arising in Spain and in spanish speaking countries.



We invite you to read the Magazine Online Trends in Training Solutions Overlap". Where are we going?


In recent months we are proud to have shared with you many moments. In each of them we have heard and understood you better: ras partners, customers, suppliers, friends or colleagues. We have collected many of these thoughts and comments and have partnered with our opinion and experience...


The evolution of the Training and Development role: changes in the partner and the decision maker



So who will be responsible for identifying, generating and implementing training and development solutions in organizations? With this post about partners in the process endes the series of six about the changing role of training and development for the next three years: content, impact, skills, solutions and methodologies have been developed themes.


Keys to achieve a good learning rate


The measurement results of training in enterprises is a growing concern, as reflected in the conclusions of the Report on Training ratios that just presented the GREF group. In these, they ensure that measuring results are increasingly done internally in companies and, above all, these results are measured by the impact on sales and improved results through greater application of skills and competencies in the workplace.


The evolution of the Training and Development role: change in the contents


The fifth post of trends in training and development for the next three years that we are developing in the blog, we refer to the changes that are being seen in the contents. External content experts are decreasing. The days of the "gurus" nostrums are gone. Companies have in their organizations the best possible content generators that also cater to the exact situations of performance.


Angry customer vs social agitator: complaints and crisis management in social networks


Beware the angry customer! Every day more companies are devoting efforts to the customer through social networks. In these, customers find a large public square where spread their grievances to the world and where companies have to take good care of their image.

Addressing the concerns of users in terms of care, responding to complaints and claims and, ultimately, manage potential reputational crisis companies have been some of the topics discussed at the 15th edition of the Expo Relationship Customer and Call Center, which was held in Madrid.


The evolution of the Training and Development role: the solutions demanded


This is the fourth post of our series about the factors that determine the evolution of the functions of Training and Development for the next three years: today learning methodologies.Is a fact the weight reduction of classroom training for budgetary reasons and timing optimization. It is an issue because of the past. However, beyond the pure economic analysis, this should be done from the point of view of the impact on performance improvement.


Ideas about sales and business strategy emerged on Linkedin


These are some of the ideas that have emerged in our discussions in the Sales Academies in action Linkedin group. We encourage you to comment what you want about them. Do you agree?


The evolution of the Training and Development role: the solutions demanded

We keep talking about the factors that will determine the role of Training and Development departments for the next three years: in this third post we discussed how the solutions demanded by the organization are evolving.

Increasingly organizations talk about the position of "Business Partner". It is a logical evolution of the position of HR Training and Development, among other functions, to bring it closer to the reality of business needs, and provide concrete solutions at the right time.


Training, Development and Value: strategic challenges

[This article was published by the manager of Banking and Insurance, Arturo Reglero in GREF]

Fortunately Training and Development departments answer unambiguous to the following questions: What is the role we play within the organization? How do we want to be seen within our own home?

The answer: we want to be considered part of the value chain of the Company, to be areas with specific weight in making strategic decisions for the Company, be perceived as useful allies in the always difficult but stimulating achieving business goals.


Customers Wanted

[This article was published by the automotive manager, Pablo Rodriguez, in La Tribuna de Automoción

The search of new customers has never been easy. The market took us for years to allow commercial networks to organized themselves and is difficult to recover the customs of prospecting and customer retention. Even so, can you contact a buyer who doesn't come and who does not open the door? Do we have an open window to talk?