V Paddle Championship in overlap


For the fifth edition, on Friday September 21 we celebrated the Overlap Paddle Championship at the Real Club de Tenis Padel Aravaca. A day to enjoy the sport and, of course, of the evening, awards and raffles which lasted well into the night. A day also to meet our customers and friends, because we like to show our commitment also offsite. And better still make it through a sport that symbolizes some of the principles that we work to improve organizations: teamwork and leadership, as well as our way of doing things: effort and fair play.


The evolution of the Training and Development role: New skills, attitudes and values

We continue the series in which we will establish the main vectors of the Training and Development function for the next three years. After impact on work patterns, our first post, we will continue talking about attitudes and skills. For years, efforts have focused on developing generic skills of each company. This training involves "horizontal" with a focus on global attitudes and skills regardless of working models and generational diversity.

Evolution of the Training and Development role: Impact on working patterns


This post is the beginning of a series of 6 about the changing role of training and development for the next three years. In this first part will discuss about the impact of the change which is occurring on working models.


To the figure of the consulting partner and other findings of the International Banking and Insurance Overlap


The intense work week lived in the International Convention of Banking and Insurance has helped us to analyze the present and look to the future of the consulting sector. Between 10 and 14 September, we worked to make the most of the moment and focus on how accurate our future strategies, based on the trends that come and the needs of our customers.


On Saturday September 15 took place in the iconic "El Matadero" TEDxMadrid space, inexcusable appointment for lovers of technology, entertainment and fun.


Change management and online solutions in the International Banking and Insurance


Knowledge, experience and debate continue to fill the week of the International Banking and Insurance in Overlap Madrid. All week we continue with presentations by experts inside and outside the company to help us analyze the trends that come and establish strategic policies to be followed in order to anticipate to present and future needs of our customers and contribute together business development.



2.0 Trends and Developments in the Banking Sector


Alfredo Fraile, Training and Development Director of Banesto, has exhibited in the International Banking Overlap trends in the evolution of the Banking, 2.0 and Training. The expert has shared his knowledge with Overlap professionals in Banking and Insurance, which meet this week in Madrid.


Overlap in UADE Business Fair (Argentina)


On Wednesday, September 12 we will be at the Business Fair UADE 2012 which is held annually with the aim that students and graduates of the University get in touch with leading brands to know them and target their job searches.


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