The regionalization of business and the challenges of leading teams working remotely

In some Latin American countries such as Colombia and Brazil, for attractive and growth that the market is taking internationally, companies begin to expand their business to other countries or setting up their operations in the country.



Millennials at Work: Overlap in the Argentina Catholic University


The coming days 5 and 6 September Overlap be in the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) in the 11th University-Industry meeting, which this year is titled "Work, a bridge to professional development".


On the Job Training: Leadership Enhancement and Promotion of Sales


Through Story Telling we will delve into one of the most powerful methods of Informal Learning.
Over 30 years ago I started working at Banco Pastor in the Marketing Department, but previously, and to get familiar with banking life, I spent some time in the Main Office of Vigo (Spain) under the command of a person who showed me many of the guides speak today in Overlap when working with commercial on the ground...


The challenge of talent management in Peru: a way to go


In Peru, and also in other places in Latin America, we have detected a new but familiar concern about talent management . The significant economic growth in the last decade has not been balanced with the need to consolidate internal business structures and equip workers and managers with the necessary components to build loyalty and retain talent.



Collaborators with poor performance and "blackout" in Human Resources in Brazil. What to do?

The HR "blackout" begins to show its effects in Brazil. A data released these days has reinforced what we already imagined, lack of skilled labor strikes in all fields of activity. With that, the big companies live in a situation to say, at least, challenging. While reducing costs -often linked to the dismissal of officials, companies are failing to replace some key officials. So what to do? One solution is to delay layoffs or hiring employees below the desired profile and invest in their training.



What actions related to personal relationships can take the organizations?

One question that many of us have made is how companies are prepared to identify, engage and deploy resources and programs needed to maintain high performance in challenging times we live in? My conclusion on this is fast changing demographic and economic changes as well as sources of talent, creates an environment that will differentiate those high performers versus lagging - as happened in 2010 and first quarter 2011.



Do the times of crisis call for a special type of leadership?


Efficiently address right now involves a disciplined effort and unusually important dimension to resist the face of adversity, risk, uncertainty and disappointment; but, on the other hand, we find more autonomous profiles partners, who want a higher level of prominence in the organization. And ideas do not fall directly, or even talked to agree... speak to incorporate teams in the decision making process, taking into account the ideas and build together.


Manage in times of crisis


In crisis, with no clear prospects for the future, the reality is that the paradigms of managing people in question seem to be all: talent management, participative leadership and management of Millennials. Do ten years from now, what principle, practice or structure of existing companies will be obsolete and why?


IVECO reinvents Renting


Iveco is developing, through its Financial Brand, a new program through which offer customers the opportunity to produce titles Spanish government debt as security for the formalization of renting operations of new industrial vehicles.


Digital Competition: Beyond Technology


Today, a number of organizations are living together two generations: those who have fallen across the digital divide; "digital immigrants" who are doing the best they can, and so-called "digital natives" who , although born in the late eighties, not necessarily always have the keys and the criteria they need to be properly managed in an environment of Hyperconnectivity and oversizing information like the present.