Social Media and Business


Networking tools of today are giving way to "cyber people" who interact and collaborate in social and cultural developments, leading to new forms and patterns of production and cooperation with more flexible and transparent workflows in areas as diverse as the business, science, politics, education, society and culture. As the space for innovation and value delivery is opening, it also improves public access to new knowledge, and therefore helps the process of technology transfer.



Learning in the workplace: the challenge of Informal Learning


The state budget containment that is setting the performance of most companies doesn't necessarily mean the paralysis of the development policies of individuals who compose it. Some companies are taking on this challenge creatively, and that is surely the future leadership of the organizations will be supported in the way that organizations are confronting today their Training and Development Policy.


Management 2.0


The change brings the Web 2.0 is a revealing social change here and now. In this case, the use of social software reveals a core feature of organizations: people are and create their world in language, in conversation. The technology involves new or improved practices, and this results in a new space of possibilities.


Remember the acronym: MOOC


Perhaps you've recently heard the word "MOOC". A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a course in which both participants and materials are dispersed on the web.


Banking changes the channel

No progress is the same as going back. This could be the motto of the sector when it comes to multi-channel, which is that the Bank has committed from the outset by the use of new technologies as a vehicle for, at first, giving customers the service they demanded and, in time, also exploit the commercial potential of these tools.



What motivates a partner to produce more?

This week a Brazilian team has reached a historical fact. Corinthians has achieved an accomplishment previously reserved for few Brazilian teams, winning the Copa Santander Libertadores.



The commercial vehicle market, a reflection of the situation of the sector


The drop in truck sales is similar to that of passenger cars in the past five months. The truth is that if the sale of the latter is a clear indicator of what the situation in for the families, sales of commercial vehicles is the clearest reflection of the situation being experienced by the Spanish business.


2012-2013 Young Proffesionals Program Overlap


If you think your career growth has no borders, if you feel motivated by challenges and attracted by the world of consulting... We invite you to participate in the Youth Proffesional Program that Overlap has designed for you.


The used car market in Brazil, yet to be developed


The celebration of the Hall of Madrid used car, we picked up last week at our blog, elicited a comment in reference to the difference in the situation in Brazil, where Overlap is also present in the automotive sector.


Eva Astorga speaks about the elearning market and EPSS at AEFOL

The international manager of online solutions Overlap, Eva Astorga, went to Expoelearning 2012 in Bogota (Colombia) as I discussed in our previous post about the event (First day ... and Digital tools ...)