How is the improvement of processes with kaizen?

As we mentioned this week's post about what is kaizen, today we focus on the performance of this philosophy. Kaizen should involve the entire organization, from operators to CEO and everyone's opinion is considered in the same way. Thus, everyone involved in a process to analyze it to define the ideal process. Determined by observing the deviations between the actual and the ideal process and propose countermeasures that are immediately implemented in the workplace (Gemba).



Less visitors but more sales in the Used Vehicle Show 2012


More than 43,500 people attended the Used Vehicle Show which was held these days in Madrid. Although the number of visitors is 7% lower than in 2011, sales figures have grown by 20% to 1610 units sold compared to 1335, 2011. The increased space has been one reason, because this year has increased from 3 to 4 blocks.


What is kaizen?


Kaizen is a Japanese term that means continuous improvement which was based on the competitive advantage of Japanese companies after World War II. This term is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and is a principle that every individual can apply to their personal, family and laborales.


Digital tools, one of the big names in Bogota Expoelearning

Expoelearning Bogota (Colombia, 12-14 June) has left us a positive balance on the status, trends and challenges of learning new tools, digital culture and communities. Of all the issues that have been sent to Congress, from Overlap we wanted to talk about the EPSS (Electronic Performance Support System). Or, for those unfamiliar with the acronym, a new generation of electronic tools to support job performance. Practical means to gain access to content immediately useful, practical and efficient to advise, provide guidelines for action and support for action and decision making in the post.



The Used Vehicle Show and the high expectations set


The vehicle used is emerging as the main outlet for those who want to purchase a vehicle in the current economic climate. For the first time in 2011 the proportion of used car sales reached 2.1 per new vehicle sales. This is data that has provided the organization of the Used Vehicle Show in Madrid, which is being held at the fairground and will last until 24 June.


What to do and what not in mobile learning


Mobile learning is a trend. Here you have some considerations to take into account before launching a mobile learning initiative.


First day of Expoelearning Bogotá: connectivity, mobility and 2.0


The first day of Expoelearning left us great lines of experts and a full day of networking and business in the Sheraton Hotel in Bogota. The inaugural session of the most important Elearning Congress of Central America has wanted to stress the importance of networking and coordination as pillars of improving education in all its forms. Connectivity, mobility and 2.0 were among the most cited concepts of the day.


Mobile devices: the new classroom in corporate training


Mobile phones and tablets take center stage and become the most relevant trend in learning in the workplace for the period 2012-2014. This is one of the main conclusions of the Trends Report that the R + D + i department of Overlap Consulting develops a biannual basis.


Improve the positioning of the sector, one of the main challenges for the banking


Banking Forum held in Barcelona we have brought together representatives of some major financial companies. A meeting that we have focused on the solutions that can be offered from the areas of business and human resources to improve the positioning of companies in the sector.


Meat or connection?


In an informal conversation with a manager of a telephone operator about the macroeconomic situation and the decisions that are taking the companies (not grant terminal / abidance increase ....) and governmental (portability express) made a comment that caught my attention: "If this continues there will come a time when people must choose between a steak or be connected".


Knowing the customer, key to create a great consumer experience


Few doubt that at this time attracting customers is one of the main struggles of companies and one of the keys to attract them is to knowing them well. When we speak of sales points, one of the main means of contact with the customer - collection of sensations, is conducting an audit through the analysis of point of sale.