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- Right now I bring. Will you take something to eat, I give the menu?

Who has not felt identified with these two simple sentences? Could say with some certainty that all who are reading you can remember a scene where this conversation has been given.


Overshots: when the video and culture blend to learn online


Think how many things you can do in 5 minutes: answer several emails, to close an appointment with a client, convincing someone of the excellence of a product, make a first impression of your excellent company ... We have little time to learn, and so many things to do simultaneously so we need simplicity and practicality. 5 minutes of free time is a luxury so ... why not use them to learn more?


The Madrid Motor Show resists to slump


From May 25th to June 3rd, Madrid is living their traditional meeting with the automotive sector. Although no one is aware that it is going through a bad time, brands who fled have shown its major developments to try to attract a decreasing numerous audience.


The EPSS by Overlap, in Bogota Expoelearning


In the current employment situation, people and businesses need reinforcements at very precise moments: when must quickly learn or improve their expertise, when they have to apply to the reality of their jobs, especially in cases where it is necessary to solve specific problems or address changes. How to face these needs? How can we use technology to do this practice?


How does a Sales Academy get a customized commercial development?


The figure of the commercial control is key. He is who best knows the areas to improve in their team. If there are inconsistencies between the diagnosis of command and the reality of the results, the work can be complemented by an assessment of the sales team from the "skills map" generated by the intersection of Commercial Model and skills/critical knowledge.


How do you build a business development model based on a Sales Academy?


We return to talk about Sales Academies, this time to dwell on the business development models based on them. To build one of these models, operating based on a Sales Academy, we have to follow some steps presented below.


Role of the employee in the bank office of the future

The employee of the bank office of the future will be far from the current, who acts reactively and devotes much of his work to operational management or to place "products" for campaigns ...

In this new post, which follows the one about characteristics of the offices of the future, we look at why and how they should engage their employees.


Bank: offices of the future


What will be the customer relationship and integration with technology in 15 years? How will it be their knowledge and financial needs? There will be hardly physical money in circulation and the technology should be fully integrated. We analyze the future Bank Offices.



Applications of Referral Marketing: Segmentation by time or target audience


In the previous post on Referral Marketing we left with the idea that it was born a new sales model based on the organized and systematic use of the references of our customers to their friends and acquaintances ... But how does it relate to other trends such as Customer Experience Management or Target Marketing?


Can we sell more without changing the prices?


On April 26th I had the honor of moderating a panel at the IE, in its twentieth automotive forum. The issue we dealt with was whether, outside of price, we can do to be the ones who sell cars. To discuss this, we had the heads of a group of dealers, a consumer financial and a leasing company.


ASTD 2012, trends focus


Overlap is following all that happens in the ASTD. From yesterday, we highlight the innovation expert John Kao. We also urge you to participate in our study to analyze and discover the next trends in training and development.


The evolution of learning in the BBVA Campus in the first round of the ASTD2012


The first day of the ASTD has given us great ideas and knowledge about training and development. Denver is now an erupting volcano which we are extracting all we can.