Sales Academies: A procedure for implantation


After the first post on the concept and utility of Sales Academies, today we will talk about its implementation. Regarding the methodology of creating Sales Academies, can pose a scheme of work considering four phases of implementation.


Colombia, a growing market looking for prepared young


Overlap Colombia moved this week to XI Fair University Business Alliance, which brings together large companies (there were Overlap, Citibank, Coca-Cola FEMSA, Henkel, Deloitte, Liberty Insurance, Accenture, Unilever, Endesa...) and students and recent graduates.


Sales Academies: how to maximize the sales force


Nowadays companies are facing increasingly demanding customers, that know the characteristics of products and services on the market. This is making companies to claim an excellent sales force that possesses the required expertise in the sector...


Business opportunities in Europe: Switzerland

The Overlap products and strategic solutions have reached, in recent years, a level of development that allows us to keep up the great global consulting, as evidenced by recent awards are made ​​in the last congress of the ASTD. This can allow us to reach the worldwide headquarters of multinationals, such as some of our current clients in Switzerland.



What if the marketing starts after the sale?


With this phrase of Gauthier Peyrouzet, we present a new idea of a new, fast and efficient alternative to increase sales by reducing investment in the commercial and marketing areas. Referral Marketing is to build satisfied customers so that they proactively spread their happiness to their network.


Let's make people more efficient and productive with EPSS



Please welcome to a special wordsearch of learning and productivity: EPSS. What lies behind these four letters?


Six recommendations for developing the commercial area (& 6): Encourage your sales teams


In times when the trade situation is subjected to pressure from the economic situation, still the best salesagentsshopping can have moments of frustration. Think that success breeds success and motivation plan your strategy on that line.


The dealers in Brazil increased more rapidly than sales


The number of dealers in Brazil in 2011 grew 12%. This increase has a direct impact on brand value for the customer. But this increase (up to 4,300 points of sale) does not correspond exactly with the market growth, which was 2.9% (3.42 million vehicle sales). On that basis, the average of sales each distribution point fell by 8.5%.


Six recommendations for developing the commercial area (5): Train them, train them and train them again


If we were in a situation with customers increasingly demanding and knowledgeable about the characteristics of products and services on the market, and competitive bidding, with the current situation the issue has only worsened.


Six recommendations for developing the commercial area (4): Implement a specific business model to launch new products and services



As the fourth recommendation, we present the following: Time reduction in product launches or in the design of a strategy, since the idea is generated until it reaches the market, is an essential competitive advantage.


Change, diversity and people


I go to have dinner with friends; Josele and Borja are close friends of mine. We went to University together, they came to my wedding, I went to them's, and we see each other quite often...


Six recommendations for developing the commercial area (3): Detect, select and share best business practices


Identify best practices for each stage of the sales process, build successful examples based on real cases and use them along a route training to spend at the various stages of the sales cycle and the key moments of the business model.