Six recomendations for developing the commercial area (2): Make your customer enjoy


Manage your clients´s emotions, through a previous study of them. When a customer is buying a product, which process has done to make the decision?


New models for sales in the pharmaceutical sector, will you seize the opportunity?

Nowadays, OTC products (Over the counter) are becoming a key business opportunity for industry and for the channel: the pharmacy. Seizing this opportunity requires management category and channel specific criteria to professionalise the pharmacies.

Towards a new model in the media sector


In recent years the media sector has experienced major changes, driven primarily by factors that have evolved the general market. In this sense, the large media groups face challenges of change, involving the implementation of new sales models.


Routes 2.0: Ready for digital competences


Wikis, social tagging, RSS... are just some tools we handle every day. In the present era of information these tools already integrated as part of our personal life and are slowly finding a place in the work ecosystem. Overlap, as a promoter of long life learning of all proffesionals, has launched International Digital Competition Itinerary.


Six recommendations for developing the commercial area (1): Turn your sales agents on consultants


First recommendation: Bring innovation to the inside of your sales department to incorporate an innovation team to the sales team.


Overlap takes part in the Corporate Education Forum organized by IQPC (26-30 March)


Corporate Education to debate. From 26 to March 30, IQPC is organizing the sixth edition of the Forum held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The meeting will seek continue to provide learning opportunities for senior executives.


Five secrets to sell more in times of crisis



From these premises we have increased our turnover by 16% in 2011. That results match our corporate makeover and opening two new offices in Monterrey (Mexico) and Lima (Peru).


The latest technology, impossed on the commercial management


Many companies are working on incorporating technology to support the management of routes or portfolios of clients, particularly those that handle more than 250 sellers, such as channels for Hostelry and Impulse.


Social networks, threat or opportunity for the financial sector?


At this point few will argue that the image of banks and not going through its best. In addition, social networks have become the speaker for those customers who have something, founded or not, to claim your financial institution. In fact, the professionals responsible for customer service offices are involved daily with situations of customers disenchanted with which you have to establish or rebuild trust.


Antonio Rubio presents his book about Corporate Universities in TV


Overlap partner, Antonio Rubio, author of Corporate Universities, has presented his work in TV programme Desayunos Capital, de Intereconomia.